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Synergy Review and Planning

Home » Synergy Review and Planning

Synergy Review and Planning

by Khadija Tahir

Revenue and cost synergies can be a key driver for transactions and can offer buyers a significant advantage

Having an accurate assessment of synergies will also support buyers to define success after completion during the implementation of the integration plan.

Synergy estimates may be required for regulatory requirements and are prepared with the highest standards of care and accuracy to stand up to public reporting.

We can support you to identify and quantify your synergy benefits and risks

We assist corporate and PE clients in developing robust synergy cases that can stand up to public reporting if required

In addition we will also provide: Synergy Review and Planning

  • quantified one-off costs and implementation risks
  • a realistic and objective view of benefits and timeframes
  • a practical perspective of the combined businesses potential that can be achieved Synergy Review and Planning
  • a robust understanding of the risks and opportunities
  • an executable implementation plan
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