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by Raza
Taxation When it comes to tax, our specialist team is dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses save money, time and inconvenience. We offer premium taxation services for a wide range of businesses.

In Pakistan we enjoy reputation for premier expertise in local and international taxation. Our national and international tax specialists provide our clients with innovative tax services, a unique consulting capability in sophisticated transactions and global tax strategy that maximizes our client’s after-tax earnings.

Our tax specialists are reputed for their experience in complex laws in order to help our clients accurately assess the cost of business decisions. Internationally, our tax teams are expert in both local tax laws and cross-border transactions, and are available to assist our clients internationally. We help our clients develop and manage a clear strategy for reducing their overall tax bill. At the same time, our clients will benefit from our many special capabilities.


Our tax experts work with the client’s financial management team in creatively structuring their capital base and business transactions to maximize their tax return. We analyze the actions they are already taking, from acquisitions to pricing policies, and recommend appropriate alternatives. Our clients can depend on our strategic advice because it comes from people who specialize in strategic tax planning. For this reason, many large and prestigious clients seek our help with their most complex tax matters.


For our multinational clients a host of issues can affect their position both in Pakistan and head office country. Whether their transactions are capital or commercial, we can assist in all aspects of transfer pricing. We help our client understand the impact of different pricing arrangements and give them a tax-driven perspective on all issues. We make the most innovative use of foreign tax credits as well as special VAT/GST planning services and customs-duty advisory services.


Globalisation brings to companies and their personnel the burdensome complexity of expatriate tax planning and services. Our International Executive Service Team stations professionals in key locations throughout the world. We help our clients structure their international compensation packages to provide a high level of comfort, service and support for their overseas executives and to reduce significantly the overall tax obligations both for them and for the company. Because, we understand and address the human concerns, our clients are free to focus on their business.


Multinational companies seeking to conduct business in Multination markets need more than local tax expertise. We provide them full range of advisory services.

We provide a comprehensive range of professional services in the field of corporate and personal taxation. Some of the types of services offered in the field of taxation are:

  • Formulation of tax planning and strategy,
  • Tax advisory services,
  • International taxation,
  • Representation before the Federal Board of Revenue,
  • Representation before the assessing officers and higher tax authorities for finalizing assessments,
  • Preparing and filing returns of income with tax department,
  • Preparing and filing appeals against assessments,
  • Representation before the appellate authorities for arguing appeals, and
  • Assisting legal counsel in preparing appeals to the higher courts.
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