Business Incorporation

Business Incorporation

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We are going to talk about how to register a company in Pakistan with SECP. This article will be helpful for all those who want to register a company and to start their new business in Pakistan. The process of registering a company is not complicated and if the rules set by the government of Pakistan are followed properly then one can easily register a company. The registration process is taken care by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). SECP is the only body who has the powers of company registration. All of the regulations and registrations are governed by the Companies Ordinance Act 1984.

Company Registration in US

To create a Corporation in the United States, we will file documents called “Articles of Incorporation” or “Certificate of Incorporation. The LLC version of these documents are called “Articles of Organization” or “Certificate of Organization” (these documents may have different names depending on which state you choose). Also, the word “entity” is used to describe a business that is not an individual and can apply either to a Corporation or an LLC.

Company Registration in Australia

One of the first things you need to find out when you’re starting a business is what laws will apply to you. Having the correct registrations, licences and permits is fundamental when running your business. They allow you to operate without fear of closure from non-compliance or other legal concerns. Consulting a legal professional can help you understand your legal requirements, such as registrations and ​licences, contracts and leases.

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See our industry fact sheets for industry-specific licences and permits.

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