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KashFlow is a simple but very powerful online accounting software package developed with small business owners in mind.

With KashFlow’s invoice software, you can easily customize and edit invoices. You can also quickly create quotes or estimates, increasing productivity.

KashFlow can automate recurring purchases and let suppliers know by email when you’ve paid them.

KashFlow payroll allows business owners to manage the pay of as many employees, companies, and payment schedules as you want. It works seamlessly with your online accounting system. It will also allow you to create and send personalized reports of your incomings and outgoings, which can also be exported to PDF and Excel (CSV).

Managing customers and suppliers has been made easier with KashFlow, saving you time and money. You can produce on-screen, as CSV files or as PDFs to attach to emails for your customers, increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Its integration with MailChimp means you can send out well-designed emails to your customers, or just certain groups of customers at no extra charge.

Reporting is among the areas where KashFlow really shines. The tool offers profit and loss, balance sheet, and other graphical reports.

KashFlow provides a secure interface to its accounting software that allows other programs to enter data in to your account and/or retrieve data.

Although hosted in the UK, KashFlow is accessible from anywhere in the world.

The product’s user-friendliness, functionality, and affordability, as well as its focus on customer support have resulted in the fast growth of both its users and staff since the company’s inception in 2005. The software has also won multiple awards.

KashFlow Features

  • #1 UK-focused, UK-hosted, and UK-supported accounting software
  • Makes quotes (that can be automatically converted to invoices)
  • Provides invoicing
  • Makes payment processing easier
  • Automated credit control
  • Has 100+ add-ons to integrate seamlessly with other software
  • KashFlow Payroll
  • Integrates with Payroll, Dropbox, Google Contacts and more
  • Paypal integration: auto-imports all PayPal transactions
  • 50+ Business Reports to keep you in control of your business
  • Restricted user options
  • Expense recording
  • CIS Accounting options
  • Banking-style level of account security
  • Business finance dashboard
  • Works on phones, iPads, PCs and laptops, no software to install
  • Stock management
  • Attach receipts (PDF or image)
  • Free unlimited 24/7 online support

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple concurrent users
  • Intuitive interface
  • No accounting jargon
  • Free and fast support
  • Totally free trial – no obligation to buy
  • Low monthly payments
  • No annual contract – Cancel anytime
  • Reminders by email when an invoice becomes overdue
  • Peace of mind knowing you will never overlook an invoice
  • Save time and never forget to repeat invoice a customer
  • Quickly and easily generate VAT returns
  • Saves you time and money
  • The freedom to respond quickly to queries regardless of if you are at home or in the office
  • Ability to send invoices by email
  • Stay on top of unpaid invoices
  • Easily store and retrieve information on all of your customers and suppliers
  • Record how and when payments have been made and received
  • Accurate record keeping
  • Create customised, tailored invoice templates
  • Simplified credit control and chasing payments
  • Greater control of the cash flowing into your business
  • Automatic creation of invoices on a monthly or annual basis
  • Statistics on customer values, average time to pay, etc.
  • Identify good and bad customers
  • Easily deal with any accounting queries
  • Statement of account for customers and suppliers
  • Insightful graphical reports on all aspects of your business
  • Visually see how your business is growing
  • You and your colleagues can all access information at the same time
  • Get invoices to customers quicker and receive payment quicker
  • Present a professional and organised image to your customers
  • Track where each of your customers come from
  • See how effective your marketing spend has been
  • Three pre-written reminder letters of increasing severity
  • Maintain a list of your suppliers and customers
  • All data stored securely online and backed up every day
  • No longer spend time backing up your data or fretting because you still haven’t done it.
  • Peace of mind knowing your financial information is much more secure than it is stored on your own computer