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by Raza

Merger and Acquisition Financial Model 

Financial Model – Hospital

Financial Model – SAAS

Financial Model for Service Based Company

Bank Reconciliation Statement

Three Statement Model

Cohort Analysis

Complete Financial Model

DCF Model

DCF Analysis

ECommerce FBA and FBM


Financial Model Acquisition Model (Private Equity)

Financial Model Consolidation

Financial Model Detail MR

Financial Model E-Commerce

Financial Model Startup or E-Commerce

Financial Model 

Firmex Discounted Cash Flow Model

FMCG Financial Models

LBO Model

LBO and DCF Model


Leveraged Buyout Model

M&A Model


Pharma Model

SAAS Model

Sensitivity Analysis Model

Simple PSC Model

Start Up Financial Model

Abbey Electronic Business Plan

Accurate Chiropractic Business Plan

Amar Inc

Angela Business Plan

Business Plan

Business Plan-CDS-CA

Business Plan-CT-CA

Diamond Champagne Investor Business Plan

GAV (Great Achievers Vision) Business Plan

Griggs Insurance Group Business Plan

Indian Fine Dining

Lip Balm Business Plan

Maison Snap Business Plan

Peroni Beauty College Business Plan

Rebel Soul Coffee LLC Business Plan

Solar Panel Installation Inc Business Plan

Sun Life Solar Business Plan

Business Valuation

Business Valuation 2

Business Valuation 3

Financial Dashboard

Financial Dashboard 2

Global Final Consumption Expenditure

Multi Year Profit and Loss

Equity Research Report

Equity Research Report 2

Balance Sheet Vertical Analysis


Boosted Commerce Monthly Financial Analysis

Break Even Analysis

Detailed Financial Plan

Financial Analysis, Risk and Governance

Financial Analysis

Financial Plan and Analysis

Financial Analysis Report

Investments NPV


Net Present Value Template


Ratio Analysis Solved

Rental Property Investment

Alfalah Accounts 2018-19

Initial financial Plan

Financial Plan

Financial Instrument PD and LDG

Template IFRS 15

KPI Dashboard

KPI Dashboard 2

KPI Dashboard 3

KPI Dashboard 4

Skeleton Model with Timeline


Crypto 2

Crypto 3

Financial Model Mining


Crypto 3

Financial Model Mining


Stock And Crypto Portfolio Tracker