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SM Kazim Raza

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SM Kazim Raza

by Raza

Chief Executive Officer

Kazim helps clients succeed as Professional Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Taxation Advisor, CFO & VP, Financial Modeling &Valuation Analyst, Strategic Consultant.

He is a skilled mediator, negotiator and public speaker; abilities that serve to increase the client’s value of his analytical work.

Kazim majorly heads our Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Financial Modelling & valuations and Transaction Advisory services, as well as our work in the area of Business Strategies.

He has nine years of experience working with business professionals and dealing with sectors.

I possess mediation and negotiation skills which enable me to further the interests of my clients and reach win-win outcomes based on our business analysis SM Kazim Raza

He has great experience, most of which pertains to dealing with executing assignments that require, Financial Modelling and Valuation, Tax consultancy, external audit, financial reviews, Bookkeeping, ERP, financial audit, internal audit, public financial  management procurement and internal audit assignments. SM Kazim Raza

He especially excels at researching innovative approaches to finance questions and presenting complex findings in an understandable, structured manner.

Kazim is a strong communicator, fluent in English, and Urdu

As a leader, He believe in developing a people-first culture that prioritizes fairness, integrity, and empathy, and He look to surround himself with people who are driven by similar principles. Put more simply – it is important to surround yourself with people who do good, not just those that are good at what they do.

“Stay humble, not small.”

SM Kazim Raza
Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +92 3244369355
Mail: [email protected]


  • Chartered Financial Analyst (Level 2)
  • Master in Accounting and Finance
  • Certified Finance and Accounting Professional
  • Associate Certified Practising Accountant
  • Bachelor of Commerce

Areas of Expertise

  • Investment & Wealth Management
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Merger and Acquisition (M&A)
  • Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Business and Financial Plan

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